Did you know….

We all have our favourite men’s designer clothing brands, whether it be one particular one or a dozen! But, I’m betting you don’t know how long you’ve liked them for? Or when the brand even started in the first place, or how? Well! We thought, with it being a Friday, we’d give you some useless information to help make your clothes buying experience more fun!

Did you know….

In 1963 Henri Strzelecki, a keen sailor, formed Henri Lloyd; this particular clothing line then became the brand of choice for avid sailors around the world….

Lacoste Clothing

Legendary tennis player Rene Lacoste founded the Lacoste brand in 1933, creating a unique line of sportswear for tennis enthusiasts, which quickly caught on in mainstream fashion. Rene’s nickname was ‘The Crocodile’ which lends itself to the instantly recognisable label we know and love today….

Ted Baker, started by Mr Baker himself, originates from Glasgow, in the year 1987! Ted Baker started out as a contemporary men’s shirting company, and quickly evolved into the respected fashion house that we know today….

Gio Goi, the fashion label of todays rock stars! Born from the club culture in the late 80’s Gio Goi was established in 1988 in Manchester, and can now be seen on the backs of the likes of Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher….

Gio Goi Designer Clothing

I could go on but I’m sure you’ve had your fill of useless information for the day! Don’t forget we have a competition running this month too, not for one of the above brands I’m afraid, but even better! This month we’re giving you the opportunity to win an LTD watch! We’re even going to let you pick the colour you want, so get your entry in today!

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