Luke 1977 Jerome Jacket

The Jerome jacket is a fully waterproof, beathable and windproof jacket that uses a bonded fabric crafted from thousands of glass spheres. This technique has a super high reflective nature to ensure you are seen when it matters most.

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Luke 1977 – Dream In Denim

This is Luke 1977’s twist of everything associated with denim and its history… It’s a common misconception that the history of denim, the world’s most famous fabric started in the cowboy days of America: We believe it started in the Wild West…The Wild West Midlands that is! At the very start of the Worlds Industrial Revolution the grafters in the … Continue reading

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Luke 1977 – A Blend of Style and Comfort

The UK label Luke 1977 is one of the hottest brands in the men’s fashion world. The incredible label ranks among the best in terms of designs, cut and comfort. The brand was founded in 2001 by Luke Roper. It exposed men throughout the world to perfect tailoring. The brand started small, when Luke Roper used to make clothes for … Continue reading

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